Research Bulletin 2000-1Refinishing Procedures:
A Guide to Manufacturer's Technical Information

PPG, Flex Additives

Once the plastic part is prepared and primed the technician must consider any other undercoats needed and the topcoat system. They should also consider any specific additives needed to complete the repair. Here are some general guidelines to help make those choices.

Two general flexibility designations are used for refinishing plastic parts:

1. Rigid: quite stiff, does not bend easily. These parts can be almost as stiff as some sheet metals.

2. Flexible: bends reasonably easy and are usually used in areas with higher risk of receiving impacts (front bumpers, etc.).

Some plastic parts could be considered semi-rigid or semi-flexible. When not sure, the safest course is to treat the part as being flexible. The use of flexible system products will not lower the quality or durability of the repair.